Global Influential Annual IP Event

  • 2010


  • 13000+


  • 43+

    Countries and Regions

  • 110+


  • 150+


CIPAC2021 Agenda consists of plenary meeting, main forum, sub-forum, exhibitor event and exchange dinner.At that time, elite representatives from domestic and foreign government agencies, Non-Governmental organizations, universities, research institutes, patent operators, law firms, enterprises, intellectual property service intermediaries, intellectual property information service providers, industry associations, design institutions and other organizations will jointly build a world-class intellectual property sharing and exchange platform.

  • Main Session

    Standing at the crossroads of global change, we should focus together on the reshaping of the world landscape, innovative industries that thrive under the new circumstances, and human health and well-being after the economic and social revival. We should contribute the strength of the INTELLECTUAL property industry to strengthen international inclusive cooperation, help revitalize the post-epidemic world economy, and promote the building of a community with a Shared future for mankind.

  • Breakout Sessions

    "Thinking on medical And health Industry Patents in the Context of COVID-19 epidemic", "Intellectual Property rights ahead of 5G Commercialization", "Strengthening fertile soil for trademark protection and Shaping a good business environment", "Intellectual property Operation in the post-epidemic era", "Opportunities and challenges in the field of patent information in the New Era".

  • Exhibitor's Seminar

    Exhibitors VIP rooms, small conference salon, or exhibitors using keynote speech or roundtable relaxed meeting diverse forms, let the audience with experienced professionals, with strong learning enterprise's intellectual property right is a classic case, to share the change and development of the enterprise, the feelings of the intellectual property industry update iteration.

  • Concurrent Events

    Hold intellectual property operation competition, intellectual property moot court, exhibitors at the reception, brilliant activity during this period, the audience can be immersive feel professional atmosphere of intellectual property industry, easy to communicate with industry professionals, the establishment of new business models and explore industry possibility, view of intellectual property and the operation of the entire system innovation.