Jin Guangjun


In 2006, Guangjun JIN graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a master's degree in aircraft design, and he joined MING & SURE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM. Mr. Jin's patent business includes: application and examination of invention and utility model patents in the fields of machinery, household appliances, consumer electronics and physics; application and examination for design patent; reexamination and invalid cases; consultation, analysis and appraisal on patent application, right confirmation and infringement; patent search analysis, etc. Mr.Jin is proficient in three languages of China, Japan and South Korea. He once went to Japan to participate in the intellectual property training course of the overseas technologists Training Association (AOTS) of Japanese Consortium Legal Person. He also studied in Nakamura contract chartered law firm in Japan and completed the proofreading of the Japanese version of China's patent examination guide.