HIMMUC Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CEO & Product Director

Jiang Fan, CEO & Product Director of HIMMUC Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., worked at the Patent Examination Cooperation Jiangsu Center of the Patent Office CNIPA. He has been engaged in patent examination, patent examination management, patent analysis project management experiences,and patent database development for many years. In 2019, as a co-founder, he founded the HimmPat Solution-directed Worldwide Patent Intelligent Search and Analysis System, which deeply integrates artificial intelligence technology and patent information. HimmPat uses natural language processing and image recognition technologies, allows ordinary people to obtain existing technologies, and helps them to reach or exceed the level of professional searchers. At the same time, the application of related technologies to intelligence analysis in multiple fields plays an important role in helping inventors in high-quality innovation, improving the starting point of innovation, accelerating the innovation process, seizing business opportunities more keenly, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving market competitiveness, and improving market competitiveness. HimmPat truly provides intelligent solutions for the acceleration of technological innovation.