The 11th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference Postponed




Dear Madam or Sir,


As an annual grand event in the Intellectual property field, China Intellectual Property Annual Conference has always  been  based on content, communication, education and experience. It is committed to establishing an international dialogue and cooperation platform for the benefit of society. So far, all the preparatory work for the 11th China Intellectual Property conference is substantially complete.


Presently, the global epidemic prevention and control situation still remains in a sophisticate and severe situation. To ensure safety of all participants and to maintain the internationalization level and high quality characteristic of CIPAC, the organizing committee decided to postpone the 11th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference. The venue will stay the same, and all the previous cooperation and reservations will continue to be valid.


CIPAC committee will organize cipac+ activities, a series of small scale events based on the published CIPAC topics, and give back to all the royal partners and participants, in order to bring a brilliant CIPAC2021 throughout the year.


Our committee will carefully refine and improve the program of CIPAC2021, hence to bring you a brand-new CIPAC 2021.


CIPAC deliver sincere thanks and best wishes to everyone.




 CIPAC committee

November3rd, 2021