Annual meeting of intellectual property rights of China adopt flexible and varied business cooperation models, partners include intellectual property creation subject and intellectual property services, a wide range of business cooperation not only
for attending enterprises to provide the release depth communication needs of platform, and help enterprises follow the market hot spots, the depth of mining resources platform and channel value.
  • 01

    /  Establish brand awareness and valuable customer network

  • 02

    /  Enter the Chinese market with the help of a first-class intellectual property information international exchange platform

  • 03

    /  Expand China's market share and increase your brand's loyalty in China and potential markets

  • 04

    /  Improve brand recognition, promote business and revenue

CIPAC 2021 Sponsor's Benefits

Privileges on speaker slot VVIP(2 sponsors) Diamond(2 sponsors) Platinum(3 sponsors) Gold(5 sponsors) Silver(8 sponsors)
Presentation Opportunities 15 minutes at the Plenary Session 2 slots at breakout session 1 slot at breakout session 1 slot at breakout session /

Value-added services: details after the meeting(Including publishable speech PPT, conference data statistics provided by the organizer, selected photos of the venue, etc.)

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Geographical Indications Sponsor’s Benefits

Privileges on Tickets Logo Displayed Privileges on Media Advertising
VIP Ticket Privilege Ticket Exhibition Ticket Discount Breakout Session CIPAC Website Manual Book Public Platform Products displayed on official website Electronic business platform Offline Promotion Live sales
5 5 20 50% off Unlimited 2 3

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Exclusive sponsorship

  • Brand Salon/Simultaneous Events

    • Sponsored content:

    Sponsors may choose to launch seminars or contemporaneous events at CIPAC, inviting intellectual property practitioners, experts in related fields and partners to conduct symposiums and salons on hot topics.

    • Sponsor interest:

    Release the press release through the cooperative media of the annual conference, and have the right to use all the content and materials of the event for dissemination. The annual conference affairs group will provide relevant guest interview opportunities.

  • Sponsored Advertising Space

    • Indoor glass advertising space outside the main venue:

    Size: L0.83m*H1.3m/ face

    • Hall 1F atrium hanging deputy advertising space:

    Size: L0.8m*H2m/ face

    • 3 floor exhibition hall hanging advertisement:

    Size: 5 m * 2 m

  • Customize The Sponsorship

    • Conference handbag related:

    Advertisement of conference catalogue, logo of information bag, souvenir, sign pen

    • Opening ceremony and keynote forum related:

    Pre-opening ceremony promotional video, opening ceremony VIP seats, seat back paste

    • Site related:

    Conference room rental, lunch tea break area table advertising, food area easy to put

    • Peripheral related:

    Wifi, mobile gas stations, advertisements for bottled water, etc

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