⊙ Breakout session 6

Strengthening Rule of Law in IP, Pursuing a New Future of Innovation

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2023-09-20 09:00 - 12:30     Shandong Hall

As cutting-edge and disruptive technologies worldwide are experiencing breakthroughs, triggering various IP-related issues, including the loosening requirement of the subject matter of patents, determination of innovation criteria, and protection of trade secrets. In order to further safeguard innovative development, China is amending the Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law, the Trademark Law and the Implementing Regulations thereof. The EU, South Korea, Japan, and ASEAN countries have also revised and improved their own IP laws and regulations in recent years. What progress and characteristics have these countries made in establishing their rule-of-law systems?
The emergence of AI products such as ChatGPT poses significant challenges to the completeness of rule-of-law systems in various countries, and data protection raised by it has become an urgent issue to be addressed as well. The EU has taken the lead in proposing draft legislation of the AI Act and the Data Act, which will have implications on AI-related IP protection. From which perspective should China formulate IP rules in emerging fields? This session will invite industry experts from China and abroad to share their view above mentioned to pursue brighter future of innovation.
• Key focuses in the amendment of specific IP laws
• Recent progress in the construction of IP regimes in different countries
• Analysis of protection rules related to new IP
• Future trends in the development of the IP laws

Coordinator:Xinliang Tao

Honorary Dean of the Intellectual Property School of Shanghai University

  • An Overview of the Fourth Amendment to the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China

    Fang Hua Director of Division No. 1, Department of Treaty and Law, CNIPA   

  • Strengthening IP Judicial Protection to Ensure Innovation-driven Development

    Liu Xiaohua    Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property Trial Division of Shandong High People's Court

  • Typical Cases for understanding New Rules and Related Issues of Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property

    Jiang Kunkun Senior Judge of the Fourth Rank, the Third Civil Division, Beijing High People's Court   

  • Europe's new IP architecture

    Laurent MANDERIEUX Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, Founder of the Bocconi LL.M in Law of Internet Technology   

  • Strengthening Rule of Law in IP, Pursuing a New Future of Innovation in Japan

    Yoshitaka OTA Director of Intellectual Property Rights Department JETRO Beijing   

  • Global Patent Examination and Judicial Protection Rules in the View of Chinese Enterprises Entering the International Market

    Xu Chi Chief Legal & IP officer, Smoore Technology   

  • IP Protection in Investment Law Under the RCEP Framework

    Cao Yunsong China-ASEAN Legal Research Center Research Associate   

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⊙ Breakout session 7

IP-Driven Industrial Development and Technology Transfer in Context of "Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peaking"

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2023-09-20 09:00 - 12:30     Qingweiliao Hall 1F

With the advent of the new industrial era, innovation in green energy technologies will be a long-term contributor to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). As an active player in the SDG program, China has continued to fuel the innovation of green technologies, promoting the reshaping of energy structure, and facilitating the commercialization of green scientific and technological achievements. IP will provide crucial support for the sustainable development of the green industry. In this strategic context, how can enterprises use IP to participate in the global governance framework of reorienting to the green economy? The green transformation of traditional sectors will inevitably lead to changes in industrial structure. How can a diversified IP strategy be developed to promote open cooperation? Energy alternatives, as well as energy conservation and emission reduction are the current trends in China’s active participation in global sustainable development in the green industry. For example, in the power generation and energy storage industries, how can enterprises use IP to consolidate their industry leadership while continuing to lead the direction of industrial development? Energy transformation has boosted the enthusiasm in R&D of leading companies. How can an IP open license be used to encourage further engagement of SMEs in the green industry? How can the patent commercialization be leveraged to mobilize the green economy, enhance the flow of green technological achievements, explore more business models, and promote the coordinated development of the entire green industry chain?This session will provide a chance to discuss the questions stated above and explore the possible ways to develop a green and sustainable future through IP-related endeavors.
• Strengthening international IP cooperation to promote sustainable development
• Enhancing cooperative services to support development of industry chains
• Empowering innovation entities through IP to break barriers and foster growth
• Providing high-level IP services to safeguard and facilitate cooperation

Coordinator:Yue Wang

Associate Dean of the School of Standardization Industry, School of Management Science and Engineering, University of Jinan

  • IP Strategies for the New Energy Vehicle Industry

    Liu Xiaochen Head of Global Intellectual Property Department of NIO   

  • Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Intellectual Property Campaign

    HARADA Seiji Director of Panasonic Corporation China & Northeast Asia Company Intellectual Property Center   

  • IP Strategies for Sustainable Development of the Green Industry Globally

    Django Ma Trina Solar - Global IP Director   

  • Intellectual Property Protection Promote the Sustainable Development of New Energy Enterprises

    Wu Di Director of Intellectual Property Department, CALB   

  • Development and Application of Green Energy in China

    Nie Peng    Engineer of Judicial Expertise and Patent Standard Department of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • Open Patents to Promote Sustainable Innovation in Social Value

    Zhang Yajun Technical Standard Expert, Intellectual Property Division, Tencent   

  • Standardization in Development of Liquid Cooling Data Centers

    Li Jinbo Deputy General Manager of the Data Center Product Division, Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. Doctor, Senior Engineer.   

  • IP-Related Challenges and Solutions in Photovoltaics

    Zhang Jian Partner of Han Kun Law Offices   

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⊙ Breakout session 8

Strengthening International IP Cooperation, Pursuing Sustainable Development

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2023-09-20 09:00 - 12:30     Video Conference Room 1F

IP is the core of international competitiveness and an important global trade resource in the era of economic globalization, and plays an essential role in the foreign trade and international economic cooperation. Strengthening IP protection and deepening international IP cooperation are imperative in this new era. How can China continuously optimize the international IP cooperation environment, actively engage in IP5 cooperation, and promote IP connection with the "Belt and Road" countries to achieve sustainable development? How should China reinforce IP cooperation with foreign governments and international organizations to facilitate the export of domestic enterprises' products, overseas investment, technical cooperation, and brand , and standard promotion? How can innovation entities seize opportunities to accelerate international expansion, integrate into the global industry chain and supply chain, and achieve mutually beneficial international economic trade cooperation? How can high-quality IP services resources be channeled to enterprises, and how can IP service providers offer high-level foreign IP services ?This session invites representatives from government authorities, enterprises and service providers to work together, strengthen cooperation, and achieve a sustainable future.
•Strengthening international IP cooperation to promote sustainable development
• Enhancing cooperative services to support development of industry chains
•Empowering innovation entities through IP to break barriers and foster growth
• Providing high-level IP services to safeguard and facilitate cooperation

Coordinator:Hao Min

Doctor of Law, is the dean of the School of Law and director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Science and Technology Security of the University of International Relations

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Priorities, Initiatives and International Cooperation

    Mangelson Michael IP Counselor, U.S. Embassy Beijing   

  • Balancing Opportunity and Risk: European Business in China and the IPR Challenge

    Klaus Zenkel Vice President of European Chamber, Chair at South China Chapter   

  • Fortifying Global Partnerships: Advancing International Cooperation for Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

    Berasneviciute-Singh Gyta IP Key China   

  • Intellectual Property to Promote Global Development of Enterprises

    Wang Binhou Director of Patent & Standards of Haier Group   

  • Intelligent IP information empowers the oversea exploring of Chinese enterprises

    Vasheharan Kanesarajah Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, IP Segment, Clarivate   

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⊙ Breakout session 9

Empowered with AI, IP Services Connecting Innovation

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2023-09-20 09:00 - 12:30     Qilu Hall 1F

The IP service sector is the cornerstone of innovation-driven development. To better support comprehensive innovation and serve the innovators and market entities, it is necessary to give full play to the basic guaranteeing role of public services and implement inclusive IP public service programs. Moreover, it is desirable to promote the healthy development of market-oriented services for realizing synergy of IP public services and market-oriented services.
Now that the basic guaranteeing role of public services is fully functioning, how can IP service providers apply new concepts and technologies to the development of new formats and models? For an industry engaged in a key or core technology breakthrough and IP portfolio planning, what is needed from IP services, and how the integrated development of the IP service sector and a particular industry be boosted? From collaborative content creation to AI-enabled information production, how can AI help IP service providers facilitate interconnection between IP information and industrial & economic information to enhance their ability to integrate, process, and analyze data resources?
This session invites representatives from government authorities, information service providers and enterprises to explore new trends in IP services.
This session invites representatives from government authorities, information service providers and enterprises to explore new trends in IP services.
• Continued efforts to improve the public service system for IP
• Focusing on comprehensive innovation, and igniting high-quality development
• Exploring new development models for IP service providers
• AI and the development of IP information industry

Coordinator:Yajuan Zhao

director of the Intellectual Property Research Department

  • Opening Address

    Wang Peizhang   

  • Digitalization Supports High-Quality Development of IP Public Services - Introduction to the Yellow River Basin Intellectual Property Big Data Center

    Liu Lu The Secretary of the Party Committee and director of Shandong Intellectual Property Development Center   

  • Tasks and Path to Provide More Universal and Accessible IP Public Services

    Xu Shengquan associate professor at the School of Intellectual Property of Nanjing University of Science and Technology,the director of Jiangsu Trademark and Brand Research Center   

  • Artificial intelligence and IP offices - The example of INPI

    Julie HERVE IP Counselor, France Embassy Beijing   

  • Develop Diversified Controllable Data Platforms to Ensure Information Security for Scientific Research and Innovation

    Du Wei IP Manager, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   

  • Independent Innovation of Enterprises and Exploitation of IP Information

    Wen Long head of patent quality in the Intellectual Property Office of Gree Electric Appliances   

  • Big Data in Supporting IP Information Services and Tapping the Potential of Innovative Development

    Zhao Gansen The Chief Librarian of South China Normal University   

  • Gain Insight into Overseas Situation of Patents to Improve Patent Renewal Service

    Liu Yang Beijing Guozhuan Intellectual Property Co.,Ltd. General Manager   

  • Using AI to Drive Innovation in the IP Sector

    Jennifer Sexton    CAS Custom Services Director

  • New Mode of IP Information Public Services Derived from AI Digital Base

    Geng Deqiang Founder and Chairman of SixLens (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.   

  • Intellectual Property Data Application and Industry Development

    Lin Songtao    Co-Founder of Beijing Meng Zhi Wang Technology Co., Ltd. (IP Master)

    Li Yetao    Operations Director, Beijing Dawei Soft Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhang Rui    Founder and CEO of Mozlen

    Cheng Xu Deputy Director of R&D Department of Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd.   

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⊙ Exhibitor's 20 minute speech

Release of intellectual property products and services


2023-09-20 09:00 - 12:30     SHANDONGCAIJIN HALL 1F

Release of intellectual property products and services
  • Digital Protection of Trade Secrets

    Zhao Wenfeng    General Manager of Shandong Chiyu Intellectual Property Operations Center Co,ltd

  • Present the problem of intellectual property protection by telling trademark stories

    Jing Jingjuan Beijing Hengdu Law Firm&Deputy Head of Intellectual Property Department II, Attorney-at-law    Head of Intellectual Property Department II, Attorney-at-law Beijing Hengdu Law Firm&Deputy

  • Risks of Enterprise Patent Infringement and Countermeasures

    ZHU RUI Beijing Gaowo Law Firm ;Director of Patent Analysis Department    Beijing Gaowo Law Firm & Director of Patent Analysis Department

  • Title of Speech: Patent Strategy of Enterprises in International Business and Competitive Scenarios

    Weibin WANG Shanghai Beshining Law Office Managing Partner    Managing Partner, Shanghai Beshining Law Office

  • Obviousness Analysis in Design Cases

    Scherer Thomas Kevin Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP / Partner, U.S. Patent Attorney    Partner, U.S. Patent Attorney Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP

  • Open up the obstruction of digital intellectual property and digital asset circulation, and further release the innovation momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises

    Hu Yonghong    The General Manager of ZBJ Channel Ecological Center

  • Strengthen the capitalization of intellectual property rights and strengthen the capitalization application of enterprise intellectual property rights

    Zhang Chi Prudential Assets Appraisal & General Manager    General Manager of Prudential Assets Appraisal

  • Applying low-code reconstruction to digitize service institutions

    Sandy Sandy Kechuang Space Information Technology Co., Ltd general manager    Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Space Information Technology Co., Ltd

  • Providing Whole Industrial Chain IP Services Empowering the Innovation and Development for Local Enterprises

    Jia Junying    Director of Qianhui IP Group

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⊙ workshop



2023-09-20 09:30 - 12:30     YANTAIHALL 2F

  • The positive and negative traction of intellectual property value evaluation on enterprises in the development of enterprises

    Zhang Chi Prudential Assets Appraisal & General Manager    General Manager of Prudential Assets Appraisal

  • Intellectual Property Breaks the old model to achieve efficient revenue growth

    QIANG LIU Beijing Mengzhiwang Technology Co., Ltd Business Unit General Manager    Business Unit General Manager of Quandashi

  • From the perspective of patent commercialization and patent enforcement, how to construct and enhance the value of high-value patents

    Xinhua WANG    Managing Director, Senior Partner, G&W PARTNERS LLP (moderator)

    Sun Lifang IP Vice President, Luye Pharma Group    Vice President of IP Department, Luye Pharma Group Ltd

    Tonghai GONG    Chairman, First Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd

    Yanchun LIN    Intellectual Property Director, Danfoss (China) Company

    Yi GUO    Director of IP Department, Enflame Technology Co., Ltd

    Ruibin WANG    Director of IP Department, Beijing Xueersi Education Technology Co., Ltd

    Jianghai HU    Senior Manager of IP Department, Nuctech Company Limited

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⊙ workshop



2023-09-20 09:30 - 12:30     DONGYING HALL 2F

  • Patent Risk Prevention and Control for Enterprises

    Hu Tao Deputy Director of Consultation Division of Patent Search and Consultation Center of CNIPA    Deputy Director of Consultation Division of Patent Search and Consultation Center of CNIPA

  • One-stop Service for International Patent Applications

    Wu Bin Questel Senior IP Consultant    Questel Senior IP Consultant

  • CAS STNext: Promote the Pharmaceutical IP Development

    Cyrene Qian CAS Senior Customer Success Specialist    CAS Senior Customer Success Specialist

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⊙ Breakout session 10

IP Assets and Capital: Facilitating the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements into Real Productivity

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2023-09-20 13:30 - 18:00     Qilu Room 1F

With the development of IP-backed financing, various models such as pledge financing, securitization, insurance, fund, trust have emerged. An IP-backed financing ecosystem is gradually being established, providing new impetus for the development of scientific and innovative enterprises. In 2022, the amount of patent and trademark-backed financing in China totaled RMB 486.88 billion, an increase of 57.1% year on year; IP insurance has provided IP-related risk protection of over RMB 110 billion for more than 28,000 enterprises, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have issued 86 IP securitized products, with their IPOs totaling RMB 21.6 billion. How does IP insurance enhance the risk resistance capacity of enterprises?How are more financing resources channeled to those in need through IP financial services? How are the IP financial services combined to help specialized and sophisticated SMEs that produce new and unique products? How can a patent valuation model be created by introducing IP data and scientific-innovation big data to further improve IP-related financial products, meet the financing needs of more scientific innovation enterprises, and promote deep integration between IP and financial resources? As the IP financial ecosystem is advancing at a faster pace, how should efforts be made to popularize concepts, improve systems, and innovate models in IP financing? With a focus on the transformation and innovation of the IP financial ecosystem, this session gathers representatives from governments, enterprises, universities and other scientific research institutions, IP financial organizations, overseas operation and investment institutions to explore new models of IP-backed financial services.
• Improving the whole-process service of IP insurance
•Promoting deep integration of IP and finance through big data
• Developing a new model of "technology-industry-finance"
• Strengthening IP services for listed companies, facilitating the realization of the value in IP

Coordinator:Hongming Sui

Professor of Shandong University of Political Science and Law,

  • Endeavor to Develop IP-Backed Finance to Inject New Momentum into Technological Innovation

    Chen Mingyuan Director of the Operation System Division, Intellectual Property Utilization Promotion Department, CNIPA   

  • Vigorously developing intellectual property finance to inject new momentum into technological innovation

    Zhang Hua Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chairman, and President of Qilu Bank Co., Ltd.   

  • Enterprise Intellectual Property Audit for IPO

    Zhenfu Yuan Dean of School of Intellectual Property, Shanghai University   

  • Big Data Promotes Deepened Integration of Intellectual Property and Finance


  • Risk Transfer in Entire Life Cycle of Intellectual Property

    Lang Rui Director of the Intellectual Property Insurance Innovation Center of Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. of China   

  • Practice of Sci-tech Innovators: IP and Capital to Boost Successful Commercialization of Sci-Tech Achievements

    Luan ChunYan Well-healthcare Technologies Co.,Ltd., VGM   

  • Value Chain Logic in the Context of “Four-Chain Integration”

    Cheng Xu Deputy Director of R&D Department of Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd.   

  • Intellectual Property Commercialization Strategy and Capital Market Value

    Zhang Jie Sunshine Intellectual Property Service Group Co., Ltd. Chairman   

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⊙ Breakout session 11

Synergistic Development of Biological and Pharmaceutical Innovations and Globalization Strategy

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2023-09-20 13:30 - 18:00     Qing wei liao Hall 1F

Biomedicine, which matters most to human health, is a powerful driver of global economic growth. Thanks to the rapid growth of China’s medicine industry and strong support from the government, biomedicine enterprises are embracing an unprecedented growth opportunity. To promote the development of the biomedicine industry, innovation-driven approaches and the establishment of a globalized industry chain are essential, with strengthened IP protection playing a crucial role. Major multinational pharmaceutical companies are engaging in large-scale M&As for the purpose of optimizing product structure, mitigating the "patent cliff", and managing high inputs and risks associated with the R&D of new drugs. As China makes great progress in IP-related factors including policies and market, Chinese pharmaceutical companies are improving their capabilities in R&D of innovative drug, transitioning gradually from license-in to license-out. Looking towards future of innovation and cooperation, how can domestic pharmaceutical enterprises adopt a global patent strategy that aligns with different national and regional patent practices to achieve optimal outcomes? How can they develop a comprehensive protection mechanism for innovative drugs by introducing IP strategies at different stages of R&D? How can pharmaceutical enterprises manage flow structure of products, mitigate IP risks, and seize opportunities when optimizing the product structure, reorganization, and M&A? Meanwhile, the biomedicine field is undergoing a "industrial revolution" centered around AI. Internet giants are actively investing in AI pharmaceuticals, and revenues driven by AI-based innovation are expected. How can a pharmaceutical company balance the R&D efficiency of AI pharmaceutical process and the IP protection of data? This session invites representatives from government authorities, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to discuss the above topics and share ideas about the future.
• Global IP portfolio planning
• IP protection across the R&D process
• Risk prevention in transactions and investments
• IP protection rules for AI pharmaceuticals

Coordinator:Hongmei Yuan

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

  • Seamless Patent Protection Network to Escort the High-Quality Development of Enterprises

    Wei Wang Director of Legal Affairs and Audit Department, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.   

  • IP Protection at All Stages of New Drug R&D

    He Xiaoping Assistant General Patent Counsel and Asia and Australia Region IP Counsel of Eli Lilly and Company   

  • IP Management Throughout Life Cycle of Drugs

    Sun Lifang IP Vice President, Luye Pharma Group   

  • Risk Management in Biopharmaceutical IP Licensing

    Lareina CHEN Senior Director of Intellectual Property of Junshi Biosciences, Biopharmaceutical field   

  • IP Risks and Risk Management in External Cooperation

    Gao Yi General Manager of Intellectual Property Strategic Management Center of Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited   

  • Global Patent Portfolio Planning for New Drug R&D from the Perspective of License-out

    SUNNY WANG CEO,Suzhou SR Biomeidcal Co. Ltd.   

  • Some thoughts on how to maximize IP value in a global bio-innovative company

    Qiang Wei Novozyme China, Patent attorney   

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⊙ Breakout session 12

Trademarks to Upgrade Brand Value and Vitalize Market Consumption

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2023-09-20 13:30 - 18:00     Shandong Hall

Amidst significant uncertainty in global economic growth, China's role as an "engine" of the economy is highly anticipated. The expansion and upgrading of market demands have become the crucial lever for stabilizing economic growth. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council has issued the Outline of the Plan for the Strategy to Expand Domestic Demand (2022-2035), which emphasizes the importance of thoroughly implementing trademark and brand strategies. A sound brand can drive the development of an industry. China's enterprises have gained a deeper understanding of "trademarks before brand protection", leading to a sustained increase in the applications of market entities for trademark registration. When it comes to enhancing brand value, the quality of trademarks becomes even more important. Essentially, the effectiveness of trademarks and brands is based on two factors, quality and culture. How can an enterprise cultivate a high-quality trademark and brand with core competence and market influence and give its leading role to the full play? How can Chinese trademarks and brands delve into traditional Chinese culture, tap into historical heritage, craftsmanship and technique, and go global in a manner more typical of this new era, in an effort to export Chinese culture and values more wisely? How can a multinational corporation identify its brand's advantages in China more effectively? As SMEs make strides in product quality and innovation, how can they build their own "brand power" and sustainably enhance the momentum of their trademarks and brands? This session invites representatives from government authorities and multinationals to discuss how trademarks and brands can inject new vitality into the market.
• Exploiting trademarks to promote brand consumption
• Trademarks convoying industrial development
• Traditional culture enabling brand building
• Trademark protection strategies for corporations

Coordinator:Pengfei Huang

Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research

  • Trademarks to Convoy Corporate Transformation and Industrial Upgrading

    Wang Minghong Midea Group Co., Ltd. Executive IP Counsel   

  • Trademark Portfolio Planning and Brand Marketing

    Chen Haiying The deputy general counsel and assistant vice president of NBA China   

  • Innovative Journey of Century-old Tsingtao Brewery, Time for Chinese Brands to Leap

    Sun Lihong director of Legal Affairs General Office of Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd   

  • Brand Building and Trademark Protection in Traditional Industries

    Zhou Yongxin Beijing Xiaoguancha Co., Ltd, General Manager of Functional Center   

  • Strategic Management and Application of Trademarks and Brands in China Eastern Airlines

    Li Ning Li Ning, Director of Legal Affairs Office (Legal Department), China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu Co., Ltd.   

  • traditional Chinese cultures in brand building

    MA Lin Zhejiang Eastgarden Beauty Group Co., Ltd.   

  • Appreciating the map of "Thousand Mile River and Mountain " of Intellectual Property

    Guo Guozhong Duan&Duan   

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⊙ Breakout Session 13

Building Popularity of GIs, Promoting Rural Revitalization

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2023-09-20 13:30 - 18:00     Jinan Hall 2F

Part 1: GIs Drive Rural Revitalization
GIs have effectively driven the development of local specialty industries, promoted rural revitalization and the contributed to the growth of regional economies. They have played a crucial role in improving people's quality of life and facilitating high-quality development. From croplands and mountain hills to the prestigious halls, GIs contribute to the progress of local industries through brand upgrading and enable producers to achieve higher economic benefits through high value-added products. This part of the session invites GIs administrators and operators to discuss the importance of GIs in local economic development and rural revitalization efforts.
Part 2: Experiencing GIs and cultural heritage
Would you like to taste the flavors of GI food, appreciate the rich textures of GI drinks, and hear stories of intangible GI cultural heritages? We bring GIs to life. Visible and tangible IPs will delight your senses, so come and get immersed in geographical features, history and culture, and humanistic heritages in GI products. Let's explore together the path to unleashing the inherent vitality of local economies by activating GI brands.

Coordinator:Desheng Wang

Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Journalism and Communication, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor , Shandong University

  • Australia' s Indigenous Knowledge Framework

    Trinh Charlotte Australian Embassy Beijing Counsellor   

  • “Four-Dimensional Integration” in Rushan Enabling High-Quality Development of Rushan Oysters

    Yin Jing Deputy Mayor, Rushan Municipal People’s Government   

  • Pingyin Rose Witness the Prosperity of People’s Livelihood in Pingyin County

    Pan Jianjun Deputy Secretary of the CPC Pingyin County Committee, Executive of the People’s Government of Pingyin County   

  • Leveraging GIs to Promote the Revitalization of Rural Industries

    Han Qiang Chairman of Geographical Indications Industry Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region   

  • Jurisprudential Analysis of the Latest Judgments on Geographical Indications

    Xiong Wencong Minzu University of China, Law School, Associate Professor   

  • Introduction to the Work of Leveraging GIs in Sangzhi County to Help Rural Revitalization

    He Wei Deputy Executive of the People’s Government of Sangzhi County   

  • Regional Brands to Enable Rural Revitalization and High-Quality Economic Development of Chongli

    Liu Dong Deputy Director of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou   

  • Interactive Session

    Yu Yingxi Director of Market Development of Xin Bao Tang Chenpi Co., Ltd.   

    Song Yixin General Manager of Yuzhou Pingshan Jun Kiln Co., Ltd.   

    Guo Junkao President of Council of Jinzhou Forest and Fruit Industry Association, Chairman of Hebei Xianxian Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.   

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⊙ Exhibitor's 20 minute speech

Release of intellectual property products and services


2023-09-20 13:30 - 17:30     SHANDONGCAIJIN HALL 1F

Release of intellectual property products and services
  • Cancellation of pharmaceutical patents, in particular, with the Markush claims, for non compliance with the novelty and inventive step. Cases in Russia.

    Olga Dolgikh Zuykov and partners LLC , Head of Patent Department, Patent Attorney    Head of Patent Department, Patent Attorney Zuykov and Partners LLC

  • Enterprise IP Digitalization Transformation

    PANG Junliang    CN-KnowHow IP Group IP Digitalization Chief Mananger

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